IAS Chapter

What is the « Industry Application Society (IAS) » within IEEE?

One of the largest societies within IEEE is the Industry Application Society (IAS). This society is specifically focused on the unique needs of the industry and trade. It is a professional source for its 12 000 members worldwide through a network of more than 100 groups, regional events and also national and international conferences. The society informs its members and the entire industry, via sharing solutions in the areas of technology, electrical and electronics.

Why join IAS?

  • Helps you to develop professional identity.
  • Make global connections with people who can help you on your targeted career path.
  • Free subscription to IAS magazine.
  • Discounts at various IAS sponsored conferences.
  • Automatic membership ay your university’s IAS student branch chapter.

To join IAS, please follow this link:


Why the IEEE/IAS chapter is useful for UTBM?

The IEEE/IAS chapter allows having a direct access to this chapter and also its international community within UTBM. As a result, it allows to its members an English oral practice more frequent, be able to exchange ideas with other chapter members and particularly to follow the latest scientific research by receiving the latest information by IEEE (via magazines or access to the IEEE website).

This chapter allows radiating UTBM and its members through a report sent to the president of the IEEE/IAS group, who will publish its informations and therefore will be globally visible.

This influence is already visible following this link : http://ias.ieee.org/chapters-by-region.html